Our Management

Mrs Kalyani Sutar
(CEO - (Founder))

I am excited to build excellent environment upon the team as we continue to develop Digital Guardian and make it the premier solution for protecting your sensitive data at the endpoint. Our plan is to grow as a effective team and give you digital marketing solution for better growth of your business. where, fulfill the need and continue to deliver the highest quality productivity to sustain your business strategy.

My co-founder and my husband have been an incredible supporters and mentors to me, as well as to the entire executive team and our amazing employees. I am really looking forward and inspiration as a CEO.

Mr. jagamohan Maharana
(CEO - Co-Founder)

I am thrilled to be here, and I’m excited about many of the things we’ll be working on in the near future. Over the past few years I was one of the effective supporter to the Management where I am now ready to share my happiness of the business. making my decision to join to work with organization is the happiest moments with amazing employees. Our focus is to make the implementation and management of the works far easier. whatever it takes attitude the team uses to assist clients. And world class customer any company would be proud to have in our environment for better business prospective. we continuously give the best service to our Clients in the modern business strategy that delight our Clients and make our employees incredibly proud of what they do.

I am looking forward to the amazing opportunity of serving as founder of the most innovative company in the world. And joining in Sensation Software was the best decision I’ve ever made and it has been the privilege of a lifetime to work for Sensation Software.